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Campaign Recaps

Within read the tales of the heroes of the Achaean League as they struggle against the might and seemingly infinite numbers of the Roman armies. Will they survive? Will they succeed? There's only one way to find out. Read on.

Act 1: The Weapons of War
Chapter 1: On the Wings of an Eagle
Chapter 2: The Fires of War
Chapter 3: The Lion's Roar

Act 2: Fragments of the Past
Chapter 4: Aesop's Fable
    Special: The Lambs who were Ruled by Wolves
Chapter 5: Hannibal ad Portas
Chapter 6: The Odessey of Homer

Act 3: The King
Chapter 7: The Metal Giant
Chapter 8: Rooting for Allies
Chapter 9: Fleeced

Act 4: Mystical Intervention
Chapter 10: Spirits of Nature
Chapter 11: Blood of Egypt
Chapter 12: Silence of the Gods

Act 5: The Coming of the War Machine
Chapter 13: The Immortal Pugilist
Chapter 14: I am Spartacus!
Chapter 15: Druids of Gaul

Act 6: The War
Chapter 16: Scouting
Chapter 17: Sabotage
Chapter 18: War

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