Jordan's Page of Useless Babble


This page is a collection of all the Dungeons and Dragons related material on the site. Most information is campaign-specific and deals with the historical fantasy campaigns that our group has been running since 2006. There is other material as well, that's non-specific; be it crunch, fluff or analysis.

D&D Articles
    This is the home of all non-campaign information, written and posted on a regular basis.

Greek Campaign
    The Ancient Greek Campaign, set in 146 BC, pits the heroes against the might of the Roman armies as they prepare to invade Greece.

Chinese Campaign
    The "bridge" campaign separating the Greek and 1600s Campaign, the Chinese Campaign is set in 1050 AD and features a Buddhist monk who plans to destroy the world with a Norse artifact.

1600s Campaign
    The 1600s Campaign has the heroes travelling across the world to determine the identity of a warlock with dreams of regicide and his mysterious purpose.

1800s Campaign
    In the 1800s, the heroes will trade in thier long swords for rifles and travel the Wild West in search of adventures. This campaign is forthcoming and previews of it will be placed here.