Jordan's Page of Useless Babble

The 1800s Campaign is still in its creation and there isn't a vast amount of material available yet. Previews, however will be put up on the site occasionally to show some of the flavor and focus of the campaign as well as highlight new material.

Preview 3: Medium (Variant Psion) - 07-30-2010
    Play as a psion, that pretends to be a con artist, that pretends to be a psion.

Preview 2: Oneiromancer (Specialist Wizard) - 07-15-2010
    Oneiromancy: the magic of dreams. Learn to harness them as a wizard.

Preview 1: Pinkerton National Detective Agency - 11-19-2008
    PC Organization - The Pinkertons were the first national detective agency and performed all sorts of deeds, from investigation and protection through riot-breaking and illegal acts. Will the Pinkertons be the PC's allies or enemies?