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Greek Campaign Sourcebook Announced

For the first time, the Greek Campaign's sourcebook will be released as a free download on this website. Containing all information from the original sourcebook used in the campaign, this new release will also include additional information and errata that will add new dimensions to games set in the Age of Antiquity.

Included in the new material is:

  • 6 new options for Olympian characters
  • A new weapon
  • A new legacy item
  • 7 new magical items
  • Information on ancient currencies
  • New NPCs for use in your game
  • Adventure ideas
  • New feats for your characters

The book, which is only planned as a PDF release, will be approximately 50 pages and will feature new art by Evan McNeely. While this book is not as large as the sourcebooks for the Chinese or 1600s Campaigns, is still enough to run a campaign set in the ancient Mediterranean.

Look for more news on included content, previews and a release date here!

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