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Chinese Campaign Character Profiles

The following are character profiles detailing the player characters from the Chinese Campaign. All four of these characters took the reins and raced to stop Ming from bringing about Ragnarock early.

Haizi Archer
Gender: Female
Race: Haizi
Deity: Chih-Chian Fyu-Ya
Class: Fighter / Rogue / Order of the Bow Initiate
First Appearance: A New Ending

Frog was the mercenary archer, her skills available to the highest bidder. When the Emperor's agents found her, she was in the middle of a tournament of skills, and handily winning. Her agreeing to hunt Ming, the Brother of Purity was due in part to the promise of fabulous treasures from the Emperor's coffers.

Frog was secretly a haizi; a race of human-like serpent people. By all appearances, she was human, but she was actually a descendant of the serpents who spawned the world. She had none of the altruism of her ancestors though, and instead practiced pain by arrow, or by the heavy chain she carried with her. She was devoted to Chih-Chian Fyu-Ya and also worked as a bounty hunter, or very occasionally as a bringer of vengeance, making her a perfect choice for the mission.

Human Pacifist
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Deity: Kuan Yin
Class: Cleric / Combat Medic
First Appearance: A New Ending

An odd choice for a mission to hunt down and kill somebody, Tran was a high-ranking priest of Kuan Yin, and practiced the mercy and pacifist of his goddess. Nonetheless, he commanded powerful magic and was a healer of legendary renown. In fact, he was discovered by the Emperor's agents in a temple, healing the sick. It was his mercy that brought him to his path.

Tran saw the danger of Ming's quest more than any of the other heroes who accompany him. To that end, he armed himself with a heavy sap, the first time he ever carried a weapon. Thankfully he kept his vow of pacifism and only acted to save the lives of the rest of the party, or other innocents they met on the way.

Human Sword-Saint
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Deity: Taoism
Class: Swordsage / Swordsman
First Appearance: A New Ending

Yu was a mysterious swordsman who previous to hunting down Ming, the Brother of Purity, travelled the countryside learning new fighting techniques and searching for worthy adversaries. He was discovered by agents of the Emperor while in a duel against the legendary Dark Cloud, whom they had originally been looking for. As Yu struck down his opponent, he found himself captured and taken to the capitol.

Seeing the search for Ming as an ultimate challenge of skill with the very world on the line, Yu threw himself fully into battle, unleashing strange and remarkable abilities, like throwing flame from his blade or flying through the air while propelled by his ki and wuxia training.

Whispering Wolf
Human Berserker
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Deity: None
Class: Barbarian / Primeval
First Appearance: A New Ending

Whispering Wolf was to be put to death. Captured by magistrates after he destroyed a restaurant and injured several dozen others in a brawl, he kept fighting, even during his initial capture. The magistrates feared that he was a spirit and believed that executing him might bring a curse down on their village. When they heard that the Emperor was searching for warriors, they were relieved and sent the wild man to the capitol with Imperial agents..

Whispering Wolf, far from being totally untamed, possessed a certain primal honor and instantly saw the purpose of stopping Ming from his mad quest. His wilderness skills were unmatched and he was able to help guide the others along Ming's trail. In addition, his secret: the ability to turn himself into the form of a wolf, allowed him to deal brutally with those who threatened their lives.

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