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In a previous mini-campaign run between the Greek and the 1600s Campaigns, the heroes play in ancient China, racing against the clock to hunt down and kill a monk named Ming, Brother of Purity, who has gained possession of the Gjallarhorn. The Gjallarhorn, a Norse artifact, has the ability to destroy the world once blown, which is precisely what Ming wishes to do. He is not alone against the heroes as both demons and giants have allied themselves with him to stop anyone who would stop Ming's maddened quest.


Chinese Campaign Guide
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Character Profiles
    See more about the four heroes who saved the world from Ragnarok.

Campaign Recaps
    Read the tales of the quest to save the world from Ming's maddened dream.

Important NPCs
    Check out the NPCs that helped shape the Chinese Campaign.

Supplementary Material
    See new material added for the campaign after the guide was written. All manner of things can be found here.