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In the ancient days empires sprawled across the face of the known world and monsters lurked upon the borders of man's dominion. In the summer of 146 BC the vast armies of the Roman Empire would march upon the plains outside of Corinth and the rest of Greece and in doing so, add a new parcel of land to their growing lands.

The Greeks knew, as far back as 3 years before, that the Romans would eventually invade their shores and the city states banded together in what was known as the Achaean League. The heroes are agents of the League, their job, to seek out ancient secrets and hidden allies to band with their own fledgling armies and to undermine the efforts of the Romans. Their goal is survival.

Lasting from the June 2006 until the December 2007, the Greek Campaign took the heroes from Greece to the entirety of the Mediterranean and into Northern Africa and the Middle-East. The campaign is now over, but information from the entire run of the game, including a new sourcebook will be released here, for any other players who wish to have an adventure in the Age of Antiquity.


Greek Campaign Guide
    The campaign guide for the Greek Campaign.

Character Profiles
    Take a look at the characters who brought the Greek Campaign to life.

Campaign Recaps
    Read the exciting tales of the campaign's progression.

Important Non-Player Characters
    View a profiles of the NPCs that helped and hindered the heroes of the Greek Campaign.

Supplementary Material
    See new material added for the campaign after the original guide was written. All manner of things can be found here.