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Chapter 9: Fleeced

A couple of weeks after their journeys on Medea's island, a new party found themselves discussing various parts of The King with Polybius, Critolaus and Medea. Idalia had joined indefinitely and Rogerious and Apnea had left to pursue other goals to assist the League.

    It was during this conversation that Critolaus lamented at the loss of the Golden Fleece and the shame that it was never returned to the people of Thessaly. Medea chuckled and told the story of Jason's death.

    Having earned the wrath of Hera after abandoning Medea, Jason found himself poor, alone and without anyone. His family shunned him and his friends had gone on to lead full lives without him. Finally the curse ended as Jason was crushed by the rotted bow of the Argo.

    Hearing the news, Medea returned to Corinth in secret, for she was still wanted for murder in those days, and using her magic, built a large tomb to hold Jason and his precious Golden Fleece beneath the streets of the city. The treasure had been in the city for generations and no one knew of it.

    At the urging of Critolaus and the party, Medea reluctantly led the party to the mouth of the tomb and opened it for them, but she warned them that Hera still cursed Jason and the curse may affect them as well.

    The tomb's insides were cold and damp, nearly crackling with latent energies and contained a variety of powerful beasts who traversed the halls. A herd of fire-breathing oxen forced Idalia to have to go to the priests of the city to get prayers of resurrection after both Sirius and Eonus were trampled and burned to death.

    After traversing the maze-like tomb, the party finally came face to face with the Guardian of the Fleece. Apopoko, a tall, beautiful harpy blessed and trained by Hera herself stood in opposition to the heroes recovering the Golden Fleece.

    After a mighty battle, the heroes respectfully removed the Fleece from the bones of Jason and returned to the surface, where they immediately secured passage to Thessaly.

    It was in Thessaly where the party decided to entrust the Scopadae family of Crannon with the Fleece. The Scopadaes ruled the city and promised that the League would have the assistance of Thessalian calvary for the coming war and that they would be arriving in a trickle until then.

    The party soon returned to Corinth, with the first Thessalian soldiers, eager to set out on their next adventure.

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