Jordan's Page of Useless Babble

Class Struggles is a series of articles which focuses on the ins and outs of a specific base class. Each examines the strengths and gives some ideas for how to overcome any weaknesses. In addition, suggestions for feats, races, multiclassing and prestige classes are provided for players.

Each article also contains new material to help players. It may be a spell, a class, a prestige class, a feat, or anything else!


Warmage - 08-16-2012
    Includes five new feats for warmages.

Marshal - 01-22-2012
    Includes eight new marshal-specific feats.

Wilder - 10-01-2011
    Includes two new feats, and the electrokineticist prestige class.

Healer - 02-11-2011
    Includes three new feats, and an alternative class feature.

Artificer - 12-17-2010
    Includes three new feats, and optional new infusions.

Samurai - 11-19-2010
    Includes two new feats, a new prestige class and a variant that uses historical samurai training.

Spirit Shaman - 08-27-2010
    Includes three new feats and one new magic item for spirit shamans.

Divine Mind - 06-18-2010
    Includes a new mantle and rules for Dark Sun.

Spellthief - 05-21-2010
    Includes five new feats for spellthieves.

Shugenja - 12-03-2009
    Includes four paraelemental shugenja orders.