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Greek Campaign Character Profiles

The following are character profiles detailing the player characters from the Greek Campaign. Each of these characters were part of the group at one time or another and helped to breathe life into the game.

Each of the character portraits on the left-hand side of the page can be clicked to produce a larger version of the picture. All illustrations are provided by Evan McNeely.

Feytouched Witch
Homeland: Thessaly
Gender: Female
Race: Feytouched
Deity: Dionysus
Class: Sorcerer / Stormcaster
First Appearance: Hannibal ad Portas

Apnea joined up with the party during the invasion of Damascus. In that time, she proved herself to be both an able archer and spellcaster, sometimes combining the two into powerful electrical attacks. Apnea had drawn some ire from the other heroes as she hailed from the Roman province of Thessaly, but her continual assistance and patience won them over. A worshipper of Dionysus, she soon came to wield a powerful magical item known as the Staff of Ruby Madness, which she claimed was gifted to her by the deity himself.

Apnea left the group to take up training with the legendary witch Medea. After the immortal fled Corinth, she took over the duty of leading the Achaean League's Greek-born spellcasting troop. In the final battle, she disappeared in a burst of bright light. Her whereabouts are still unknown.

Human Paragon of Apollo
Homeland: Athens
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Deity: Apollo
Class: Cleric / Human Paragon / Fighter / Wizard / Arcane Archer
First Appearance: On the Wings of an Eagle

Eonus is a priest in service to Apollo and served the group as leader. His worships turned him to strive towards the absolute perfection of his god, as he dabbled in both the arcane and divine paths, as well as in study of the longbow. In addition to being leader, he also served as mouthpiece for the party, negotiating treaties with potential allies as well as reporting to his superiors in the Achaean League.

Eonus was one of the few heroes who survived the Battle of Corinth, using both Apollo's Bow and liberal use of the stone shape spell to literally carve away swaths of his enemies. At the end of the battle, he joined the others in travelling as a bodyguard for Damocritus and Polybius.

Feytouched Mage-Ward
Homeland: Seleucia
Gender: Male
Race: Feytouched
Deity: Enki
Class: Ranger / Philosopher King (Suel Arcanamach)
First Appearance: Aesop's Fable

Husa-Dain was an oddity. The son of a Selucian merchant and a water nymph, he sought to combine his keen naturalistic abilities with in-born arcane magic. After his father died, the young ranger left home to search the wilds for his mother. He found his way to Greece while on the run from bounty hunters, sent to kill him as punishment for bedding a Roman noblewoman. It was in Delphi that Husa-Dain joined up with the group, helping them to obtain Aesop's missing fable, to use it's satire to inspire the people of the city to rebel against Rome. Soon after, he left the party, swearing to hunt down and destroy every last member of the cult of Nergal that had taken root in Damascus.

He later returned to Corinth wielding what he claimed was the Blade of Gilgamesh and assisted the party by protecting Talos, the bronze giant. After a particularly nasty encounter with a group of Roman skirmishers, Talos fell, trapping Husa-Dain underneath. He died of his massive injuries soon after and the bronze giant was destroyed.

Human Oracle
Homeland: Delphi
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Deity: Hecate
Class: Cleric / Diviner / Divine Oracle
First Appearance: Rooting for Allies

First joining the party in the guise of a pig, Idalia was a powerful oracle-in-training who swore vengeance on Rome for taking control of Delphi in her absence. Once she learned that the heroes had already liberated her homeland some months prior, she joined them seeking to turn her abilities of foresight against the Roman legions. After successfully defeating a rogue cleric of Yahweh in the city of Alexandria, Idalia was presented with an olive wood staff known as the Moses Staff as it had supposedly been once carried by the prophet.

Idalia survived the Battle of Corinth, but not before unleashing several powerful spells upon the Roman soldiers there. Her revenge, although delayed, was complete, as vermin and sickness tore through their ranks like wildfire. The oracle later left with the others in accompanying Polybius in his further journeys.

Olympian Eviscerator
Homeland: Sparta
Gender: Male
Race: Olympian
Deity: Ares
Class: Gladiator / Fighter / Invisible Blade
First Appearance: On the Wings of an Eagle

Seeking war, and knowing that Sparta was declining to join, Kratos left his home city to join the Achaean League against the Roman armies. Devoted fully to Ares, the warrior wielded a pair of chained daggers that he baptized in endless torrents of blood and carnage. From many of his kills, Kratos began to collect pelts, which he quickly turned into garments which he used to spread terror in more civilized opponents.

A crisis-of-faith forced Kratos to later reexamine his priorities and he left the party to establish a League safe house in Sparta. He later rejoined his allies in Smyrna and again in Corinth where he regaled the others with tales of meeting Ares and having his blades blessed with powerful magic and renamed as the Anarch Blades. It was with these fabled weapons that Kratos descended upon the Roman legions, tearing his opponents to shreds. During a direct assault against the False Metallus, Kratos disappeared in a flash of light similar to the one that enveloped Apnea. His whereabouts since are unknown.

Human Saboteur
Homeland: Carthage
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Deity: Hades
Class: Infiltrator / Rogue / Thief Acrobat
First Appearance: On the Wings of an Eagle

Roginous was a mysterious man given to hiding himself from the sun and other oddities. A master infiltrator, he used his skills to assist the party by sneaking them into restricted areas, breaking into guarded areas and protecting them from unseen threats. His immense talents allowed the others to overlook his eccentricities. After many adventures he decided to take a more personal role in the defeat of Rome by travelling there with Diaeus and assassinating several heads of state.

Roginous later returned and used his abilities to gather information on Roman movement, keeping the rest of the League appraised of the latest developments from abroad, using his newfound Tartarus Sandals to do much of the legwork himself. His final mission was to spy on Critolaus and observe the general on suspicion of treason. Critolaus did betray the Achaean League and Roginous slit the man's throat in retaliation. His victory was short lived through as he was quickly set upon by the Roman legion Critolaus had been dealing with and crucified as punishment for acting against them.

Cretan Mercenary
Homeland: Crete
Gender: Male
Race: Olympian
Deity: Zeus
Class: Fighter / Elemental Warrior
First Appearance: On the Wings of an Eagle

A sell-sword from Crete, Sirius had actually escaped from his step-father's clutches and was using the life of a mercenary as a cover identity. It was in this capacity that he had been hired by the Achaean League and began working for them. During his adventures he designed a new weapon which he named the scindoa. The weapon was a warhammer with an axe blade on one end, heavy and perfectly suited for the warrior's aggressive fighting style.

Originally Sirius worshipped the entire Olympian pantheon, holding no one deity higher than any other. This changed, as he eventually learned that he was an Olympian, sired by Zeus. This revelation occurred when he realized that the charm he wore since infant-hood was actual Zeus's Mark, a protective talisman that had once belonged to Hercules. Sirius turned to worshipping Zeus exclusively and invoking his patron's name to signify the release of his in-born ability to strike true. Later, he was blessed further by discovering the Skin of the Nemian Lion, which he immediately began to protect himself with.

Sirius revenged himself upon his abusive step-father Lasthenes, a Cretan mercenary captain twice, once during the party's mission in retrieving and reviving the bronze giant Talos. Later, when Lasthenes had allied his company with the Roman troops, the party fought them outside of the Corinth battlefield. With cold satisfaction, Sirius struck the final blow himself.

Ever the heart of the party, Sirius joined with his fellows after the Battle of Corinth to assist Polybius in his mission of delivering The True Histories to a village south of Egypt.

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