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Chapter 8: Rooting for Allies

After a scathing insult from Sirius towards Critolaus back in Corinth, the party found themselves assigned to assist the various magicians and alchemists working to revive the metal giant that they had previously recovered from Crete.

    It was not until after days of tedious, repetitive work that Polybius finally approached the group with a dilemma. Apparently, another party, sent from Arcadia to investigate a possible lead from The King had vanished. They had been sent to look into the possibility of a nearby island being the home of the immortal witch Medea and had been missing for several weeks.

    Eager to end their labors, the party left Corinth and set out towards Arcadia, where they met up with the other party's contact, who described his group for them. The missing were Sadilos; a bard descended from Aphrodite, Iapyx; a cyclopean priest of Hades, Pomorea; a paladin of Nike and Harpen; a satyr woodsman. The contact also provided them with a rough map that outlined the party's destination for them.

    Coin provided the party with a ship that would take them close to the island, but the sailors were extremely superstitious of it and refused to come close to land. Instead, the party was forced to approach in a smaller boat.

    The island was thick with foliage, the air hot and sticky. The center was dominated by a hill and at the top of that, a seemingly abandoned temple. Seeing the building as a possible starting out point from which to search the island, they started up a winding dirt path that led up the hill.

    From the path, the party encountered several ferocious beasts, including a monstrous hydra, but were able to persevere and continue to the top. Finally, they entered the temple and stood face to face with madness.

    The witch Medea was real and still alive, but driven entirely mad by her previous actions, in which she had murdered her children as revenge against Jason. Flanked by a pair of darkly cloaked figures, she muttered nonsense and looked around the room with wide, rolling eyes. Finally sensing the party, she screamed some epithets, then activated a dormant spell that sent the heroes crashing to the ground in slumber.

    The party awakened slowly in a small muddy patch, just off of the beach of the island, in what appeared to be a village. As they were getting their surroundings, they realized that the huts were home to ogres, who attacked the party, hoping for a quick lunch. It was during the battle that the party realized that Medea had turned them into pigs.

    The heroes recovered from their shock in enough time to dispatch their hungry captors, then assessed the situation. They decided to head back to Medea's temple and force her to change them back to their human forms.

    It was during their travel back up the hill that they came upon a group of dire boars attacking another group of pigs, who like the heroes, wore barding and fought with strangely human tactics. After assisting these other pigs fend off their aggressors, they attempted to communicate with success. The other pigs were the missing group of Achaeans along with a sole oracle from Delphi, who claimed to have come to the island in search of power that would cleanse her homeland of Roman soldiers.

    The adventurers informed the oracle, Idalia, that they had already defeated the Romans at Delphi and turned them back from Apollo's Sanctuary. Greatly impressed and even more thankful, Idalia joined the party, eager to become human again.

    As they continued up the hill, the party was assaulted by one of the cloaked figures that had previously flanked Medea. Idalia identified them as undead spirits who fed off of the emotions of their targets. The party was able to defeat these creatures and continue up to fight Medea.

    Finally back in Medea's temple, they were assaulted by the second spirit, whom they destroyed as Medea screamed and writhed in pain on the floor. After the undead's destruction, Medea regained some of her sanity and thanked the party for freeing her from their influence. She turned all present back into their human forms and then joined them for the trip back to Corinth. She had plans for the Romans...

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