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The year is 149 BC. Rome is quickly growing, conquering everything in its ever-growing path. Carthage is the newest of their targets and is sure to fall soon. In response to this aggressive strategy, the city-states of Greece have once again amassed into the Achaean League, a system of unified leadership that in the past has been responsible for driving away piratical raids and invasions.

Fifty years ago Roman Proconsul Titus Quinctius Flaminius assured Greece's independence, but he is now dead and there is already talk of invasion in the Senate. Sparta has gone to Rome to complain about the League's policies on land ownership, providing yet more fuel for the fire.

General Diaeus of the League has decided that Sparta is the loose stone in the bridge of Greek power and is trying with all his considerable efforts to bring her back to the fold. Rome is busy with other projects: an upstart general named Andriscus, one of the League's allies has recently invaded and taken control of Macedonia. Between him and the war brewing at Carthage, now is the perfect time to begin preparing for war without being noticed.

The Achaeans have gathered some of their rawest recruits in order to send them out across the land in search of weapons that may yet turn back the Roman army.

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