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The Lambs who were Ruled by Wolves

Aesop's Lost Fable

A flock of lambs were living in a meadow, living life happily. One day, a wolf came to them and asked, "Why do you play about O lambs? Do you not know the dangers that surround you?"

    Upon hearing this, the lambs suddenly grew frightened and plead to the wolf "Will you not protect us from danger?"

    The wolf chuckled at this and said to them "I will, but only if you lambs make me your king."

    The lambs readily made the wolf their king, and did his bidding by day while he watched over them by night, but little by little, the dangers of the world took the little lambs away. One day, the few remaining lambs angrily asked their king, "What good are you at protecting us from danger if we keep disappearing at night?"

    The wolf smiled and said "The dangers of the world are always close at hand."

Moral: Beware of promises from those with ill-intentions.

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