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Chapter 2: The Fires of War

When the light breezes of the Spring gave way the the heat of the Summer, the League summoned back their heroes to perform another task for them.

    General Damocritus introduced them to Critolaus the Peripatetic, a philosopher experienced in naval battles and one of the leaders of the Achaean League. They then were spoken to by the great historian Polybius.

    Polybius told them of Archimedes who's inventions helped keep Rome from entering the walls of Syracuse for nearly three years. It was said that one of these inventions was a liquid that ignited on contact with the air and could not be extinguished with water. With Archimedes long dead, the League couldn't simply approach him about his greek fire, but they could attempt to locate his former workshop.

    To this end, the League set up a false story that the heroes were bodyguards of Critolaus, who was travelling to Syracuse to speak with any senators there and to create support against Sparta. The heroes were asked to secretly find Archimede's home and avoid any battles with the Romans in order to discover the secret to greek fire.

    And so, they sailed north. The long trip to Sicily made even longer by the insufferable complaining of Critolaus, and they were glad to be rid of him as they entered into the city of Syracuse and begun their search.

    They discovered the former home of Archimedes was now owned by a cheating merchant named Finellas Procutas. They watched his home for signs of habitation and finding none, Roginous entered and began searching. Finellas was a fearful man and his home was filled with traps that Roginous found difficult to avoid as he found himself struck by a poison that seized his body in rigor, leaving him helpless.

    The rest of the group waited and watched from a tavern for Roginous' return, and at last fearing for his safety, sent Sirius to search for him. Sirius saved his friend from the trap and together the two discovered a false wall that lead to an underground passage, that contained, a small workshop dominated by a large water screw, stamped with the letter 'beta'.

    After liberating some funds from the house, the two left and met up with the rest of the group and together, they searched the cliff side and the beach, eventually finding a cave marked with 'beta'. Once they entered it, they found a series of puzzles and mechanical creations that hampered and threatened them, but they surmounted the dangers and made their way to the inner sanctum.

    The large room, contained a number of beautiful figures on glass panes, worth a small fortune as well as a pair of crates filled with bottles of greek fire. But before they were able to take up the crates, they were attacked by one of the glass figures, who turned out to be a final guardian.

    Roginous managed to take the creature's feet from under it and the rest of the heroes took advantage of this development to quickly dispatch and destroy the glassy protector and leave the cave with the greek fire.

    As they started out of the caves at last, the party found themselves face to face with the merchant Finellas Procutas who had seen them break into his home and had spent what little money he had left on a tiger, which he set upon them. The party had no trouble defeating the great cat and Finellas ran away.

    The heroes then secreted the greek fire from the city with Critolaus' assistance and together they sailed back to Corinth, once again victorious.

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