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Chapter 11: Blood of Egypt

After returning from their adventures with the faeries, the party found themselves being addressed again by Critolaus. In their absence, a messenger had arrived from Ptolemy IV Philometer, the pharaoh of Egypt. Upon hearing that the Thessalian calvary would be joining Greek soldiers, he decided that he would commit some of the 'Children of Osiris' to the cause. The heroes found themselves immediately swept away upon a ship destined for Alexandria.

    The plan was simple: the heroes would introduce themselves as ambassadors and request and audience with the pharaoh. During the audience, Ptolemy would have a private moment with the party, where he would reveal the location of a secret cabal of sorcerers trained by the state and ready to travel to Corinth in preparation for the war.

    During the audience with Ptolemy though, a guard burst through the doors of the throne room announcing that the city was under attack. The heroes, at the pharaoh's request rushed out to assist the city guard against creatures that appeared to be from the upper planes and living embodiments of holy magic. It was during the raids that another attack occurred.

    In haste, Ptolemy had summoned a mummified sphinx that he had animated and placed in status during his younger days as a priest of Osiris. The creature now rampaged through the city destroying outsider and mortal alike. The party rushed to combat the sphinx. It was during the battle where Eonus was struck fatally and died. With no time to waste, the surviving heroes rallied and dispatched the undead monstrosity and then confronted Job, a Jewish cleric who wielded powerful magic against the Egyptians.

    During the battle, Sirius was able to disarm and disable Job, and Idalia calmed the cleric down, trying to understand his need for bloodshed. Job's one-man crusade was in revenge for his people's enslavement at the hands of the Egyptians in ages past. The cleric claimed to be a direct descendant of Moses and even claimed to have the holy man's staff, which he presented to Idalia in shame for his deeds, whereupon he was captured by the Egyptian guards, but given a sentencing of banishment in exchange for returning Eonus to life. Sirius also felt something stir as his medallion began to glow with an unearthly light as if something had awakened within it.

    In the chaos of the aftermath, Ptolemy gave the party the location of his secret cabal and they escaped to collect the spellcasters and bring them to Greek soil. Tension had begun to mount throughout the world, turning normally reasonable men into villains. Idalia's grip on the Moses staff remained firm and she resolved not to let Job's example be in vain.

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