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Chapter 14: I am Spartacus!

Late one night, alarms in Corinth were raised and the heroes summoned to the Achaean headquarters. Critolaus greeted them and explained that Polybius had triggered the alarm when he was sighted fleeing Corinth in the dead of night. The historian was gone, and left Critolaus cursing his name as a traitor.

    Furthermore, Critolaus believed that the Greek forces are far too small to be effective and he believes it was time to begin freeing slaves. He pointed out a map on a mine, that had about 3000 slaves working there, all close to Corinth and easily accessible. Many Greek slaves were willing to join the Achaean League in exchange for freedom. The alternative was death at the hands of the Romans, so the choice was an easy one.

    At first light, the party headed off to the mines with a letter from Critolaus for the overseers. When they arrived though, they found the supervisors and most of the slaves outside of the mine, huddled fearfully in small encampments.

    According to the supervisor, a group of slaves had broken through the mine into the antechamber of an ancient underground ruins. All the slaves in the immediate area went missing very quickly after, and some had returned back mad and gibbering of strange evils that lurked in the shadows.

    Steeling themselves, the party descended the mine shaft into the strange ruins where they encountered creatures not of this world, trapped for centuries underground and plotting great evils upon the world. They fought former slaves, mutated by fell magic into large hulking insect forms, and the strange creatures with their tentacled heads.

    Finally the party came upon the missing slaves, or rather the remnants of those who hadn't been eaten by a great Ourobouros that had taken control of the alien creatures trapped in the mines, and later became corrupted by their madness. The heroes attacked the serpent, avoiding it's newfound tentacles and flaming breath and were able to just barely destroy it without becoming victims themselves.

    With Eonus and Idalia using their magic to bring the cowed slaves back to their senses, the heroes led a procession out of the mines, sealing them on the way out in an attempt to keep any other evils from spilling out into the waking world.

    As the heroes lead the slaves back to Corinth, Eonus showed his fellows a light that shone in the darkness of the alien ruins. A longbow, consecrated to Apollo and imbued with the god's blessed flames. Taking it as a blessing, the heroes continued on, feeling confident of victory.

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