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Chapter 15: Druids of Gaul

Corinth hustled and hummed with energy. The upcoming war was almost palpable. Diaeus had recently returned from Rome bringing bad tidings. The Romans had begun to march. Although the army would take some time to arrive on the shores of Greece, the heroes still had to hurry.

    In a last-ditch attempt to garner allies for the war, Critolaus sent the heroes west to Gaul. The barbarians there were certainly no friend to Greek, but less so to Roman. With any luck, the heroes could convince the Gaulish warriors to fight the Romans for plunder. To that end, the heroes sailed on Gale Runner, Critolaus's personal ship to Thessaly, then travelled to Gaul on foot.

    After encountering and repelling a Gaulish patrol in the woods, the heroes managed to convince the remaining uninjured warrior to take them to his village, where they could speak with his leaders. The heroes arrived, feeling unwanted in this foreign land and spoke with the druid elder.

    The elder agreed to work on building a war-party with neighboring tribes, but required that the heroes assist him in performing a rite to Teutortei, their deity. They were to gather a spring bud from a dryad, a vial of water from a fossergrim and a pebble from an ossyth. The three objects then would need to be taken back to the druid-elder who would be in hiding outside of a nearby Roman settlement.

    Following a Gaulish map, the heroes first decided to track down the dryad, but she had died, and become deadwood revenant guarded by several beastly wraiths. The heroes fought hard against the undead nature spirits and were able to destroy them. Feeling defeated they turned to leave before Sirius noticed a small bud growing from a sapling that had quickly sprouted from the deadwood revenant's decomposition.

    Next came the fossergrim, who was happy to help the heroes in exchange for them ridding his waterfall of a group of Roman fishermen. The heroes did so and were rewarded with a flask of water.

    Finally the heroes came to the ossyth who threw away his pebble into the middle of the forest. As the heroes approached, they found that the pebble was swallowed by a purple worm that had awoken from the ossyth's mischief. The party fought bravely against the purple worm and finally managed to kill it, pulling both the pebble and a lion skin, remarkably clean from the beat's innards.

    Sirius instantly recognized the skin as belonging to the Nemian Lion, a relic once belonging to the god Hercules. Donning it in place of his normal armor, he found that it did indeed possess the ability to turn away cuts and piercing. Feeling brave, the heroes then returned to the druid-elder to complete the rite.

    The elder was pleased with the effort on the part of the heroes and using the objects acquired by them, summoned the avatar of Teutortei; a massive golden boar that tore through the Roman settlement, reducing it to splinters and trodden earth. Laughing, the druid clapped the heroes on the back and began to make arrangements to send a war-party to Corinth immediately.

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