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Chapter 12: Silence of the Gods

Working from reports made by both the heroes and other agents of the Achaean League, it had become apparent to even Critolaus that there was a serious problem on Olympus. The heroes had discovered early in their travels that divine magic granted by the gods of Olympus was not having the effect on Romans that it should; somehow it was dampened. Fearing that a lack in divine support could spell the end for the League, Critolaus sent the heroes to Mount Olympus, in order to somehow climb the mountain and work to restore the proper balance of power there.

    The travel to Mount Olympus was easy. However, before they even arrived at the base, they were approached by a disheveled priestess. She informed the heroes that the gods of Olympus had been beset by powerful spiritual entities who had tainted their divine power in favor of the Roman deities. The party would need to ascend the mountain and exorcise the 12 spirits in order to free the gods.

    The climb was arduous, with Hestia's spirit being the first they encountered. The spirit of Vesta, a large flaming lizard was an easy enough creature to destroy, but soon came others.

    Mercury's spirit, that oppressing Hermes, took the form of a five-headed beast that screamed loudly and took after the party with incredible haste. The spirit that Venus sent to destroy Aphrodite took the form of a large and beautiful cat-creature that stood on two legs like a man and struck with deadly precision. Mars had sent a monstrosity created from a living membrane of skin to torture Ares, and the spirit enveloped Kratos in an attempt to suffocate him. It was after the party destroyed the spirit of Mars that Ares blessed Kratos' chain-daggers making them as keen as obsidian and heavier so their blades could penetrate through even tougher armor than before.

    Vulcan had forged a giant out of iron to plague Hephaestus and Minerva sent a representative of pure Law to destroy Athena, both of which the heroes were able to dispatch in an effort to save their gods. Athena further blessed Kratos' chain daggers by giving them the ability to mimic the properties of other metals with but a thought. It was then when Kratos termed his weapons the Anarch Razors.

    Apollo's spirit was next. As his Roman equivalent had sent a baboon-faced creature to mock his love of beauty. Then came Artemis who Diana had tried to destroy with a massive troll that the heroes killed by encasing it's body and head in separate stone cocoons thanks to Eonus's mastery of earth-magic. Then came Demeter, who had been sickened by an undead cyclone of bones and carrion that Ceres had sent to kill the nature-goddess.

    Killing all these spirits, the party continued on to destroy a bronze serpent that Juno had constructed to kill Hera, and a massive water weird that Neptune dispatched against Poseidon. Finally, the party reached the summit and faced off against an elder storm elemental that Jupiter had sent against both Zeus and Hades, and in fighting it, freed the last of the Olympian gods from the influence of their Roman equivalents.

    As the gods began to fully awaken from their stupor, they pledged to provide all their power against the Roman soldiers for the insult bestowed upon them. The elderly priestess also arrived, and upon revealing herself as Nike, the goddess of victory, she returned them to the ground, but not before blessing them.

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