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Chapter 17: Sabotage

With the Cretan saboteurs defeated, the heroes quickly marched back to meet up with the rest of the Achaean League's armies. They were no sooner arrived when they were ushered to Diaeus. The young general had sad news to convey to the party.

    Rogerius, one of the first heroes of the group had been sent, not as a soldier escorting Critolaus and his troops to Scarpheia, but to act as an assassin if the Peripatetic tried to accept a Roman bribe in exchange for betraying the League. While trying to broker peace in Rome a year earlier, Diaeus had learned of a Roman plot to bribe a powerful Achaean leader, but had no idea that Critolaus might have been the betrayer. A surviving runner from the legion relayed news of Critolaus' betrayal and Rogerius' brutal death and crucifixion. What was more, the Roman general Quintus Caecilius Metellus Macedonicus, had betrayed Critolaus and destroyed the League armies in the fields of Scarpheia.

    It was then that a large figure appeared, carrying a large sword. Eonus and Sirius discovered that it was Husa-Dain, their former comrade, who had returned from routing the scourge of Nergal's cults in Damascus. The Syrian brought news of Alexander Balas' death and the Egyptian invasion, perfectly timed to avoid the notice of Rome. Even as they spoke on the fields outside of Corinth, Demetrius was being installed as the new king of Syria.

    Diaeus sent Husa-Dain to lead Talos, the Bronze Man through the upcoming battle. The ranger's powers had branched into the arcane mysteries of old Babylonia allowing him to strike from a distance with both bow and spell.

    The rest of the heroes were sent North-east of the battlefield where Icarus troops, supplied with wax wings had spotted a Roman supply-train. They were to destroy the supplies and disrupt the advance of the Roman army.

    The heroes worked quickly from horseback, attacking and destroying cart after cart, even as they raced across the battlefield pulled by frightened horses. Frantically they fought, seeking to destroy one more cart before losing the ability to catch the next.

    It was not until the final cart when the heroes found the caravan master, who revealed himself to be Calish, the effriti servant to Finneas Proscutas. The genie proceeded to fight the heroes to his death, launching terrifying magics and deadly sword strokes at them but to no avail. Unable to whisk himself away by magic in time, Eonus put a magic arrow through the effrit's heart, destroying it.

    The appearance of Calish was troubling. Finneas Proscutas had been an occasional foe and rival to the Achaean League. The fat merchant had tried to kill them several times, both through his riches and later through the assistance of Calish. His presence at the battle could prove to be disastrous.

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