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In our current campaign, the players travel Europe in the 1600s. Starting as rat catchers, the characters soon become embroiled in a strange hunt; to capture a warlock who threatens the life of King Charles II and set fire to Westminster Palace. Questions soon become numerous: who is this mysterious warlock Kurtz, where do his numerous spies come from and what is his ultimate goal? Join the characters as they unravel these questions and more as they travel from the high-courts of Europe to the mysterious New World and back again.


1600s Campaign Guide
    Coming Soon: We're working out some of the bugs with the guide before it's released to the public.

Character Profiles
    Coming Soon

Campaign Recaps
    Read about terror and madness in the streets of Europe's largest cities and one group's plans to end it.

Important NPCs
    Coming Soon

Supplementary Material
    See new material added for the campaign after the guide was written. All manner of things can be found here.