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Chapter 13: The Immortal Pugilist

As the heroes rested and recovered from their last adventure, they took part in a conversation between Polybius and Medea about the nature of immortality. Medea noted that she hadn't met many with the necessary 'spark' needed to become immortal, except perhaps Pollux, an Argonaut she had known in the past. Pollux, a noted fist-fighter and his twin, the horseman Castor were both now worshipped by Roman hero-cults. Medea was certain that Pollux was alive somewhere, likely in Sparta, where she last heard of him travelling to. He wouldn't enjoy the worship of people about to kill his countrymen, and Medea considered it a simple task for the heroes to track him down and recruit him to the cause.

    Since Damocritus' failed invasion of Sparta months ago, Achaean League members were no longer allowed in the city. Where outsiders might be harassed, Leaguers could expect brutal treatment, perhaps even death. The heroes decided to travel incognito, using Kratos as a guide.

    All but Kratos had to give up their weapons while in the city and had to submit to several harsh laws prohibiting fighting. They relented and entered the city and began their search.

    The hunt for Pollux was initially unsuccessful, and their questioning was met by sarcasm and insults. Just as they were beginning to give up hope, the heroes noticed a small boy steal a loaf of bread, and when accosted by the city guard, thrashed them easily with just his hands and feet.

    Following the boy, they learned from others that he was one of several orphaned youths who had somehow learned brutal pugilistic techniques without belonging to a fighting school. None had been caught to date by the guard, and many simply left the children alone in an effort to keep from being hurt.

    Following an attempt on the heroes' lives in the night by a group of young Spartan toughs, the party began to hunt down the children. Once they found one, Eonus appealed to the boy's gentler senses by offering the child food, and in thanks, they were lead to "the Center", a small underground home and training center, and met Pollux in the flesh.

    Pollux apologized for his students' behavior and explained that he trained each of them personally to help them defend themselves in the harsh streets of Sparta. After a conversation with the heroes, he agreed to take his pupils with him to Corinth and begin to train the commoners there to fight with their fists, but only if the heroes could take on his best disciple.

    After a long sparring session with the disciple, the heroes managed to best him, and true to his word, Pollux followed the heroes back to Corinth to begin an extremely intensive instruction, but with scant months, would it be enough time?

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