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Chapter 3: The Fervent Chase in the Mountains of Eternity

The heroes immediately took leave of their doc cu'o'c allies and left Xi'an and Big Goose Pagoda behind and began travelling north towards the mountains and the temple that stood within them. As they approached another village that stood between Xi'an and the mountainside, they were attacked by a group of bisans that wanted to kill and eat them because of the goodness in the heroes' hearts.

Having dispatched the giants easily, the heroes continued into the village to find slaughter. Bodies were lined up in uniform rows stretching the length of the two main streets. Men, women, children, all had been placed as if sleeping, and identical ragged cuts crossed each throat. Suddenly, a ragged breathing alerted the heroes who rushed to find a man clinging to life.

With his last breaths, the man described a woman with the head of a cow, who slowly and methodically asked each villager if they believed in somebody named 'Ra everlasting, God of the Sun and Master of the Three Kingdoms', and when asked who this person was, she slit their throat. The man had been the last one left, hastily cut before the woman walked out of the village and disappeared into thin air.

With his story complete, the man expired and fell into the same uniform position as his fellows. The heroes turned again to the mountains. The sun was quickly setting, but they had no desire to stay the night in that place of death and so they decided to continue on, heedless of the danger.

The heroes continued in the dark of night, with lanterns to light their path, as they watched the large monastary become closer and closer to them. Then, suddenly a large sinuous tun mi lung dragon flew up from behind a cliff and stopped their progress. Seeking to make a meal of them. The heroes fought him back and defeated the tun mi lung dragon with haste.

The dragon was not alone, as the heroes were quickly joined by several hunger spirits, a horse-headed demon and a beautiful woman who appeared to be a hostage. Horse-Face Demon quickly ordered the spirits to attack the heroes, but they were no match for the prowess of their intended victims and fell quickly to the warriors' blades.

Seeking to escape, Horse-Face Demon then released his hostage, who ran into Yu's arms. She too was a demon though in a human disguise and bit Yu several times before she was killed.

Seeing his trickery fail, Horse-Face Demon brought forth a pair of chakram and attacked the heroes. His skill with the rings was great, but his reliance on false-hoods was his downfall, and the heroes were able to defeat him and throw him from the mountainside.

With no more enemies impeding their progress, the heroes hurried to the monastary, hoping that they would be in time to stop Ming, Brother to Purity from blowing the Gjallarhorn and ending the world.

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