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Chapter 2: The Battle of Big Goose Pagoda

Days after the heroes defeated Brother Thunder and Brother Lightning, the heroes arrived in the burning city of Xi'an. It appeared that Ming had already arrived and had likely left. Several Jottenheim warriors lumbered through the streets and bodies of the townspeople were piled high in front of the pagoda. Strangely for August, it was cold, so much so that although it was nearly noon, frost still collected in the shade.

As the heroes dismounted and began to walk towards the defiled temple, a pair of smaller Jottenheim, with knobby flesh and misshapen skulls dropped the bodies they were carrying and rushed to interrupt the approach. They shouted that they needed more sacrifices to summon their god and lashed out at the warriors.

The heroes were able to kill the Jottenheim and continued to Big Goose Pagoda, intent on stopping the summoning of whatever deity the foreign beasts worshipped.

The inside of the temple itself was even more befouled than the outside, if that was to be believed. The ground floor had been guarded by four large Jottenheim who seemed to wield the powers of ice and snow, and possessed blue hair and skin. The heroes were able to trick the large giants and escape up to the second floor where they destroyed a half-dozen hopping vampires that had taken up residence there.

Continuing up, the heroes came upon four doc cu'o'cs that continued to guard that floor of the temple. Tran pleaded with them to help clear the corruption in the pagoda and after he and Yu were able to prove the righteousness and goodness that the heroes possessed, they were able to convince the spirits of their noble intentions. They then informed the doc cu'o'cs of the icy Jottenheim warriors on the first floor and with the assistance of the spirits, they returned to the first floor and finally dispatched the giants.

Finally, as they left their spirit allies to restore the purity of the temple, the heroes continued to the top floor where they encountered Black Fox Demon, an evil fox-spirit and renowned swordswoman. She revealed that she had been assisting the Jottenheim in attempting to summon a being by the name of Sutr, but cared little for the success of their mission. When the heroes demanded to know the location of Ming, brother of Purity, she retreated to the roof of the pagoda where cornered, she attacked without quarter.

The rooftop was steep and treacherous, and it was only with Tran's magic that Frog and Whispering Wolf were able to keep from dying when they fell to the ground. Tran petitioned Kuan Yin, his deity to make them fall slowly. Yu on the other hand had practiced the arts of wuxia, much like Black Fox Demon, and the two flew from rooftop to rooftop, lashing out with their blades.

Finally, Frog was able to strike Black Fox Demon with a magical arrow and Whispering Wolf, in the form of a wolf grasped the demon in his jaws as he fell to the ground. He survived the drop, but Black Fox Demon was greatly injured, and Yu was able to deliver the killing stroke.

As the heroes recovered from the battle, one of the doc cu'o'c returned and summoned them back to the pagoda, where they were shown a telescope pointed directly at a temple that lay high in the mountains to the North. They had found Ming's destination, where he would study the Buddhist scrolls. Now, they had a chance of catching him.

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