Jordan's Page of Useless Babble

This is the repository for all new material created for the 1600s Campaign that isn't included in the Campaign Guide. Things like monsters, magic items, spells and even feats can be found in here as they are utilized in the campaign.

Races of the 1600s - 01-14-2011
    Races - Four new races from the 1600s campaign that showcase the effects that the world's changing times have had on its people.

Vestiges of the 1600s - 09-10-2010
    Vestiges - Three new vestiges based on historical figures, providing binders with powerful, and undeniably dark powers.

Avon Pen - 05-07-2010
    Soulmeld - An incarnum-formed rapier that provides the wielder with the acting skills and the ability to perform great stunts with grace.

Gun Mage - 01-25-2009
    Prestige Class - Warrior-mages who combine firearms and arcane power.

Malleus Maleficarum - 11-19-2008
    Legacy Item - A holy book written to aid in the hunting of witches has become a deadly weapon in the fight against evil.