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Zeus's Mark (Legacy Item)

This wooden amulet is shaped like a series of five interlaying rings. The rings are connected to one another by four dowels that run the four compass points, keeping all of the rings from moving. The whole is tied to a worn leather thong that allows it to be worn around the neck comfortably.
    Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 amulet of protection (as ring of protection); Cost 2,000 gp.
    Omen: When a storm rages in the area around the item, small arcs of electricity jump between the wooden rings.

Zeus's Mark was created by the god Zeus to protect Hercules from Hera when he was a child. According to long lost myth, it protected the infant Hercules from being killed by a viper in his crib. When the snake bit, its teeth could not find their mark, but instead they woke the child, who then strangled the serpent to death. (DC 15)
    Hercules continued to wear the amulet as a good luck charm when he was a child. One day, while he was playing in some meadows, he was set upon by a group of centaurs who wished to hunt him for sport. The youth managed to evade the hunters and duck into the forest where he hid in the trees. Once the centaurs began to group off, Hercules ambushed them individually and managed to kill them all before they could rally and strike back. (DC 20; The Flight of the Centaurs)
    The demigod later lost the amulet while he was fighting the Nemean Lion. Early in the battle, when Hercules was attempting to slay the mighty beast with his club, the lion attempted to claw out his throat. The claws merely removed the amulet and Hercules was eventually able to strangle the lion to death, thus completing the first of his twelve tasks. (DC 25; The Lion's Claws)

Legacy Rituals
Two rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Zeus's Mark.
    The Flight of the Centaurs: You must defeat, in personal combat, three or more hostile creatures without alerting more than one of them to your presence at a time. Each of these creatures must have a CR equal to or greater than your level -3 (maximum CR 7). Cost: 2,500 gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Zeus's Mark).
    The Lion's Claws: You must defeat, in personal combat, a creature with a CR equal or greater than your level (maximum CR 16). You must use only natural weapons or unarmed attacks during this battle. Cost: 12,500 gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Zeus's Mark).

Wielder Requirements
Most wielders of Zeus's Mark are fighters, barbarians, paladins or rangers. Occasionally others, such as rogues or bards are attracted to this amulet's protection-based abilities.

Zeus's Mark Wielder Requirements
    Base attack bonus +4
    Sense Motive: 3 ranks

Legacy Item Abilities
All the following are legacy item abilities of Zeus's Mark.
    Divine Shield (Su): At 5th level, you are protected by Zeus's powers and gain electricity resistance 5. This resistance improves to 10 at 13th level.
    Godly Might: At 9th level, Zeus's Mark confers upon its wearer a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength.
    Cure Light Wounds (Sp): At 10th level and higher, once per day as a swift action you may use cure light wounds on yourself as the spell. Caster level 5th.
    Zeus's Touch (Su): Five times per day as a standard action, you can call upon Zeus's power to give yourself the ability to channel lightning. With a successful melee touch attack, you deal 5d6 points of electricity damage. If your touch attack misses, or if you don't release the attack within one round of activating this ability, the use is wasted for the day.

Table 1-01 - Zeus's Mark
Personal Costs
Attack Penalty Single Save Penalty Hit Point Loss Special
5th - - - Amulet of deflection +2
6th - - 4
7th - - - Divine shield (5)
8th - -1 -
9th -1 - 2 Godly might
10th - - - Cure light wounds 1/day
11th - - - Amulet of deflection +3
12th - - 2
13th -2 - - Divine shield (10)
14th - - -
15th - - 2 Amulet of deflection +4
16th - -2 - Zeus's touch

Zeus's Mark is a legacy item for the Greek Campaign and follows all the rules for legacy items written in the Weapons of Legacy supplement book. The item was carried by Sirius since the beginning of the campaign and was later revealed to be a legacy item. He used it to later discern his true heritage as an Olympian of Zeus.

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