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Avon Pen (Soulmeld)

The Avon pen is a soulmeld created for the 1600s campaign. Although the incarnate, soulborn and totemist classes were not allowed in the campaign, essentia feats were, which would allow characters to gain access to a small number of soulmelds and some essentia over time. This soulmeld itself is a tribute to Shakespeare, one of the greatest playwrights ever to live, and who died about 60 years before the 1600s campaign started.

Avon Pen
    Descriptors: None
    Classes: Incarnate, soulborn
    Chakra: Brow or hands
    Saving Throw: None

Incarnum forms into a long rapier, with feathered accents on the hand guard and etched along the blade. The metal seems to shine internally with a soft, light-blue light.

Calling upon the memories of the Bard, you form incarnum into the shape of a delicate-looking but powerful rapier.
    Nonproficiency penalties never apply to the use of the Avon pen, though any feats that apply to rapiers function normally.     The Avon pen cannot be sundered or otherwise destroyed (except by effects that unshape soulmelds). If the Avon pen leaves your hand for any reason, it returns to your grasp at the beginning of your next turn. If that is impossible, it falls at your feet (but attempts to return again on your next turn). Any other creature attempting to wield your Avon pen gains none of the special benefits (but can wield it as a normal rapier).
    Essentia: The Avon pen gains an enhancement bonus on attack rolls and damage rolls equal to the number of points of essentia you invest in it.

Chakra Bind (Hands)
The rapier's blade becomes feathered on the dull side and the metal takes on a soft blue hue. The color seems to fade into your body as if providing it with power.

You gain a +4 insight bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy and Perform (acting) checks.

Chakra Bind (Brow)
Incarnum races down from the tip of the rapier and forms a small duplicate of itself in your hair (or hat). The small feather refuses to move in the wind, but instead stays jauntily atop.

You gain the effect of a feather fall spell whenever you fall more than 10 feet. You can suppress this ability at will.

The Avon pen is a soulmeld based on the works of Shakespeare. Although no such weapon appeared in any of the Bard's many plays, the abilities it grants would certainly be of use to an actor. The soulmeld may in fact be formed from the very spiritual essence of actors, stagehands and playwrights, both deceased and yet to be born.

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