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Ok guys, this is really exciting! I'm finally going to move away from Geocities! I've got a new webpage coming up soon at Wheres! It's a really cool place where they let you make a website for free and I still get to own it! (Stupid Geocities) I should have everything moved over soon. I'm still in the process of moving everything over, so everything is still Under Construction!

Like I said, the move is still ongoing, but I hope to have it done really soon. I won't take down this page until it's all done though. :)
You can visit the new site here!

My parents are taking me to see Frank Sinatra on the 15th of May. I'm so excited!!!!

I'm also working on this 'Twitter' thing that Robbie sent to me. It's really strange. I don't think it'll stick around. I'll probably just keep using things I know will be around forever, like ICQ. Oh well, here it is:

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